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Transforming Potential into Performance

About Us


Individuals and Teams Have the Potential to Achieve.

At TECTONA Growth, we believe that individuals and teams have the potential to achieve great things. That’s why we offer our well designed Coaching Programmes and Consultation Services to unlock that potential. 

Anchoring on Tectona Growth’s core values of Respect,  Honour, Integrity and Team, we foster collaboration, communication, and productivity within teams. The result is improved performance for businesses, stronger leaders, and more cohesive teams.  

TECTONA Growth nurtures teams to reach their full potential. Just like the young tree, these individuals have the potential for phenomenal growth with the right foundation. TECTONA Growth provides the necessary “nutrients” of knowledge and character development to help individuals and teams grow.

Our ultimate goal is to create an environment where everyone has the opportunity to succeed.


Our mission is to empower individuals and teams to reach their full potential by providing high-quality executive coaching and team building programs that prioritize the values of Respect, Honour, Integrity and Team.

Core values

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Team Encouragement



Our Coaches


Mr. Foong Kok Pun

The Principal Coach of TECTONA Growth, Mr. Foong Kok Pun, is an experienced and accomplished leader and educator with a strong background in Organizational Development, Change Management, and Educational Management. Driven by his passion, he is dedicated to assisting clients in enhancing their capabilities, transforming them from passive to proactive and high-performing teams.


Mr. Francis Goh

Mr Francis Goh is an experienced educator and coach, with experiences in Organisational Development, Coaching and Financial Education. He is very passionate in making a difference to others by helping individuals fulfil their potential and teams to perform at a higher level.

Coaching & Consult

Coaching Programmes & Consultation

We empower individuals and businesses to soar, especially those with the potential to improve our organisation's effectiveness and profitability, as well as our ability to collaborate with others to achieve common goals. Sharing power may be difficult at first, but consider the long-term benefits of increasing the function of all elements of our firm.

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